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tv   All In With Chris Hayes  MSNBC  June 2, 2016 8:00pm-9:01pm PDT

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. >> reporter: when the rally is over, when the trump supporters are leaving, and the protesters leave the designated area, they find each other, the police don't seem to be prepared or ready for that, that is when the trouble starts. we are now going inside of a parking garage, that belongs to the hotel nearby. possibly targeting trump supporters. >> can you give us an idea. >> i have seen bernie sanders, and socialism. it looks like a young crowd. what can you tell us mostly about what the protesters look like to you? young crowd. very few folks who look to be older than 30, 35. some of those protesting will pg
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will say -- they're breaking some of the light fixtures here. others say there is no candidate, they're just anarchists, they describe themselves as. but mostly a younger crowd i would say would be accurate. >> what are they going after in there? >> reporter: you know what? i didn't see if they were going after a trump supporter there. but it looks to be most of the protester group, although there are others that are outside here. it's really been almost a witch hunt where they left the area where the police officers were, and then every time they saw a trump supporter, they would just go at that person and as i said there were fights. >> i've been noticing, it's like a beehive with a group going after one particular thing at a time. i didn't know if they were waiting at an entrance waiting for somebody to come out, but it appears that they spotted somebody with trump gear on,
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it's like they gathered around them in a swarm. >> reporter: it really has. it was really sad to watch, the first trump supporter that had a trump jersey on. we have a few dozen officers that are telling the protesters to leave. >> i didn't see those there about five minutes ago, jacob, they must have just arrived. >> reporter: they did, they just arrived. and as i was talking before at this trump supporter, and as soon as the protesters saw her, they all rushed her into a corner. they started to yell at her, they started to taunt her and throw things at her, including eggs and bottles and we were
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very close then. from then on, that's when the protesters went away from the rally area, they started taking to the streets. and i should mention we're about fiver five blocks from where the venue is. >> it looks like there are more scar cars coming out of the parking garage. is it dissipating? >> reporter: there's no sign of this disapainting, when you see organized protesters going on at the rally. some are left behind who look like they're looking for trouble, and it's a smaller group. but in this case, as i have mentioned before, there are still hundreds of protesters that stretch all the way down to the next street, maybe a couple hundred, i said 300 before. maybe that's the case. over in the distance, they're lighting on fire some trump merchandise.
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that is not uncommon, we're seeing that after trump rallies, that's growing more and more common here. every time they run towards some object, toward some person, we usually want to follow. usually it's a trump supporter. we'll see if that's the case this time. >> jacob, while you're walking and while you're looking for that, i can't help noticing, we mentioned that this is a young crowd and we don't know what everybody's motivation is, sometimes people just want to be a part of things. and i can't help noticing along the way, that we have seen a lot of giddiness and smiles among these young people as they chase after something. have you noticed that as well? >> reporter: i have. and we have spent time with protesters before they come out to these rallies, we didn't do that today but we have done that a lot. just to be with them in a
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circumstance that was not so heated and intense, and a lot of them tell us they're excited to be part of a movement, they feel, a movement against trump and his rhetoric, and his attitude is not in my backyard, we don't want to see that in san diego or wherever they are, so when this happens, it's just a mob mentality, and this is not just something that happens at rallies, this happens at protests no matter what they're protesting. but there's an energy about it. they're moving toward one thing, they're all going toward a street, they're going to take it over, they're going to fight against police. there's happiness for them, they're smiling and laughing and they continue to yell out their chants. as is usually the case, at some point it turns from an antitrus-
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>> just a moment ago, you can tell when there's television, people do get carried away. we apologize for some of what you're seeing, not that we can control any of it. let's go to former law enforcement analyst and former atf official, i'm sure you're watching this, what's your take on it? >> it seems like they needed more officers moving with the crowd when they left the rally, not heavy riot police, but some officers to have a presence to make sure that some of this stuff doesn't happen. what jacob reported that one woman was assaulted with bottles and eggs, that's when you should be making arrests when people are assaulting others like that. not enough officers present initially, it's difficult for sure, when the crowd starts moving like that.
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not everybody in the crowd was violent, a few were, and if you can stamp that down, you can stop a spark from igniting something. they need to have some police mingling through there, encouraging people to go. you'll have some hardcore people but they can deal with that as well. >> given how violent some of these things have become in recent weeks, i guess i'm a little surprised that we're not seeing more police out there. you must be as well. >> i am really, melissa, because now we know the formula, we have seen it happen across the country and the chiefs, and the departments got to be ready for how these crowds are going to move. >> can you see this? >> yeah. and also -- >> i'm sorry, jim, let me cut you off, i see a lot of police arriving all of a sudden, jake, what are you seeing? >> reporter: the overs who were over with us near the rally, who
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were blocking the protesters from engaging the supporters, they have now come over here, they have walked a few blocks, they're now joining the other officers, hard to tell what they'll do after that. oh, we have another fight breaking out here behind us. sometimes what we see is that they warn the crowd that they're going to arrest them, and then if they don't listen, they start to throw smoke. oh, here we have another fistfight. i think we're seei ining trump supporters here, yep, we are. you're seeing now this trump supporter, it appears that he was sounded and he was hit, and he's still getting pushed and hit. he's getting pushed still. sorry about that language, you guys. and now he's arming up, he's putting his fists up and he's ready to fight. he's ready to fight. he's getting thrown stuff. >> jim, i've got to notice the
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police are right behind this, that man is by himself in this crowd, he's putting up his fists as if he can fight all these people. why do you think police right behind him are just standing there? [ sirens ] >> they probably will shortly, because you could have a dangerous situation if you have a whole mob jumping on one person. >> it looks like that man was in exactly that situation. >> right, i'm surprised they didn't pull him out of there. maybe they were close enough to feel that they could if it got worse. maybe they were just a few steps away and they thought it would dissipate. >> jim, take us through what you're seeing, we saw this line of police with billy clubs and they're standing in a line against this building, in a
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distance, we're seeing some police lights, we're seeing some vehicles, there were some police on motorcycles that pulled up just a couple of minutes ago. what do you think their strategy is here? >> they're going the want the crowd to dissipate, melissa, the line of officers against the building outfitted for civil disobedience action, some officers coming up to block that path down that road. and they're going to announce it's time to go, unlawful assembly, you'll be arrested if you stay, you need to leave. hopefully most of the people will leave, that's what they're trying to do. >> here we go, they're moving towards the crowd, we see people running away. jacob, where are you? >> the danger here is thrown objects, bricks and bottles, rocks, if that starts that can be very dangerous to people who
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are there. of course police do have helmets on, and if that kind of activity starts, it ratchets it up a little bit. they're gently moving their line and the people are walking, so this is a proper tactic, they have got to kind of move the crowd where they want them. >> hey, jacob, are you still with us? >> reporter: i am, yes. what you saw was the officers who were there guarding the wall, suddenly rushed up and they decided that they didn't want any protesters on the other side of the street. they have accomplished that. all these dozens of officers now are making sure that the protesters stay where we are right here. what you're seeing is the lighting of the trump merchandise on fire and then stamping it out. and i would say a lot of the protesters have left, we have moved from maybe 300 or so to maybe 200 or so.
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jose, what do you make of the violence? were you expecting this? >> i kind of expected that they would. this is san jose, that's what we do here. but i hope that trump know s shouldn't become president. that's why we're all out here. >> reporter: does it ever go too far, if you're taking over the streets, if you're blocking traffic, if you're fighting the trump supporters? >> i feel like once you get to a certain extent of fighting, that's when it gets a little too far. >> reporter: talk about the representation here, i have seen a lot of mexican flags, is that a fair -- >> most of us are either -- >> we're staying, we're not go nowhere. this was our land before it was whatever it is now. >> there you go. that's your answer. >> reporter: thank you for your
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time, all of you, turning to the officers, just to show they're closing in on this group of protesters, they have now confined us to this one area of this main street here, as i said, there are less protesters than before, but if i had to guess, there's still more than 200 of them. >> jacob, thank you, let's go to republican strategist rick tyler, i've got to ask you, what does it mean for the republican party, that's in a really difficult spot right now as it is. what does it mean for the republican party to see this kind of violence post rally? >> well, look, first of all, what you're seeing is the demonstration of the radical left, the protesters, there's some anarchists, there's a lot of young people, there's obviously a few who are provoking this situation, when you have people who want to go and hear a presidential candidate, donald trump and
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that's their candidate, they should be able to do that without fear or threat of violence. it's going to reflect on the democratic party because the people who are showing up don't want donald trump and it's not going to be the reflection of the democratic party that resort to violence. >> this doesn't look like a democratic event. >> we see a lot of young people who said they're definitely supporters of bernie sanders, but they're definitely, in any case, people will see them as anti trump and there will be attached likely to the democratic nominee. which will be hillary clinton. >> back to my initial question, though, is it a cause of any kind of concern, especially heading into a convention this summer? >> well, a lot of people are anticipating that there will be a lot of violence at the
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republican convention, caused by the republicans, that doesn't seem to be the case. it looks like the violence -- and i have been to many, many presidential conventions there's always protests at conventions, there is usually violence but it's limited. but i would expect it to be pretty escalated this time. >> let's go back to jim cavanaugh, as we're looking at an increasing line of police who have been moving in on the protesters, it does look like a lot of people did disappear. you've got the police moving in, these guys are holding their line right now. how does this work? >> this is a smart move by the tactical skmancommanders there, have made a line, they have brought the motorcycle officers in and they have blocked that parking garage right behind them and that's likely where a lot of the trump supporters who were at
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the rally are parked. so now there's a line of police between the protesters and the trump supporters who are leaving from is garage behind them. this is probably what's happening here, we're deducing that from watching, and if so, that's a very smart tactical maneuver by the san jose commanders. this is what the police want to d they don't want violence, they see this crowd, it's not extremely violent, there's people running around, there was a couple of ball hats on fire. we saw at least one person assaulted. but it's not a huge violent mob or anything. and the police are reading that, they understand that, let these trump supporters go, encourage others to leave, get this crowd down smaller and smaller, and then you may have some hardcore left, and we talked about some anarchists, they're a smaller
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group, this group, and the police will have to deal with it. >> jim cavanaugh, thank you very much. we'll bring you up to date, we're watching san jose california, a trump rally that wrapped up about an hour ago. initially there weren't a whole lot of police there, that has changed. we don't know how many people are left protesting, this is a post trump rally protest in san jose, california. in a good, clean salad, every ingredient is the main ingredient. the new green goddess cobb with avocado, bacon, freshly made dressing, tomato... and chicken. at panera. food as it should be.
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hello, everybody, thank you for joining us. these are protesters following a trump rally in. it looks like there's a little bit of a scuffle taking place there. you saw protesters earlier gathering at this trump rally. it got a little contentious as you can see, at times. right now we understand things are starting to disburse a lib. i want to take you life to nbc correspondent jacob rascone who has been following all of this. it looks like they're burning trump apparel. >> reporter: we'll turn this way now and show you how they have
8:22 pm
all rushed this way, we can only guess that they're rushing toward some donald trump supporters, that's what they have been doing all night. once that rally let out, and the trump supporters come out, there's been some people taunting them and if we turn the camera ares around where the protesters are. they have moved down the street about a couple hundred feet from where they were. we'll show you where they are headed. towards this big group of protesters. as far as we know, there are no officers this side of the group. what's been clear in all of this is that there are far fewer officers who are able to control the crowd. that's happened before, but usually in anaheim or san diego, there are sufficient officers on horse back and riot gear, who are able to control the crowd, not the case here, this crowd
8:23 pm
has been out of control for more than an hour easily. >> are you surprised by that, jake, it's not like this rally has popped up out of nowhere. and prepared for this kind of a crowd. >> reporter: what i'm not surprised by, as we go to rally after rally, where it's most intense and most violent, it's always after the rally when the trump supporters leave and -- i'm a little bit surprised that there are so few officers. i have been told by some who live here, they tell me, oh, that's because the san jose police department is going through some budget cuts. i don't know that for myself. but it is apparent that there are only a total, i think a total of several dozen officers from even before the rally started and there simply aren't
8:24 pm
enough of them to control this crowd. they are chasing down this trump supporter. >> and we're seeing a fire truck roll through, i don't know if that was the plan too, to try to block off some of these protesters or if indeed there's something that fire truck is trying to get to. there's at of information and we're seeing it play out before our eyes. as you can see, there appears to be hundreds of protesters there, no really rhyme or reason as to who's who, and how they're able to determine which person is a trump supporter and which isn't, but it does look like this fire truck is trying to get through this crowd there, and i know we saw a little bit earlier, if you can hear me above this fire truck, i know it's loud there, we saw a line of police officers there with their billy clubs and their -- i guess their shields,
8:25 pm
their face shields on. how far is that line from where you are now? >> reporter: the line is now here. you're going to look here and see that the officers who were back at the light that is beyond where we are, have now moved almost all the way up to this light. they have moved a long way now. we're going to turn this way and look at all the protesters going this way and show you how the police officers are no s ars ar the protesters, but they haven't been able to get in front of the protesters. >> i'm seeing a little bit of a line there of officers, are you seeing that? >> reporter: this is the first time i have seen protesters blocked on more than one side. so we have the officers here now blocking the protesters moving forward toward where the rally was and the officers behind us where we were showing you earlier, now the protesters have a couple of options, move this way or that way, which they
8:26 pm
probably will. >> you've been talking to some of these protesters for the past hour or so. give us an idea of what they might be, they look pretty young. >> reporter: it's an overwhelming -- yeah, by and large, they are younger, i don't see many protesters over 35 years old or so, and a lot of them are very excited, they say, to be part of what they feel is anti trump movement in this country that says not in my backyard. and when you ask them what do they hope this accomplishes, all of this protesting and a lot of them say simply they want a message to be heard, and seen around the world, not in my backyard. a lot of supporters--i'm sorry, protesters, if you ask them who they support, they will tell you they support bernie sanders, some of them even wear bernie shirts or hats. let me turn around and show this
8:27 pm
man being hit in the face, this is probably a trump supporter here being challenged by some of the protesters. as i was saying earlier, as we watch this fight unfold, that there are many year at rallies all over the country. sorry, you guys about this language. >> it's live television, unfortunately we can't control that. >> reporter: sorry about that language, guys. >> it's kind of hard to tell where the trump supporters are in this and if that's indeed what's sparking these little outbreaks of violence if you will, because i understood a little bit earlier in watching this play out, jacob, that the parking garage in which many of the supporters were leaving the trump rally, was at a different area, that's why the police created that line to essentially block off the protesters from the trump supporters so they could safely leave the venue. >> reporter: that's accurate and that is usually the case, in
8:28 pm
fact the rallies are usually held at large venues that are not right next to a parking garage or parking area. in fact the only time we see almost no protesters is when the rally is held at an airport hangar that's far away in any parking structures that the public has access to. so in this case, it's very close to downtown, you can see where we are. a lot of people can come and go here. and that's why you're seeing that there was a lot of protesters and they a're able to get where they're getting. and again, we're just taking over the intersections, it looks like there's a fight in the middle where they are and we have been told to keep our distance a bit. at this point in the protests, we would usually hear the officers declare an unlawful assembly and warn the protesters they will begin arresting people and they will begin firing smoke or tear gas, but that hasn't
8:29 pm
been the case here, we haven't heard that from the officers. >> this has been taking place for what, about 30 minutes now? and the question is, how long are officers going to allow this to continue before we see some more action on their part? >> reporter: right. now we saw something similar happen in san diego, and in anaheim, the difference there was that there were hundreds of officers, more than 400 officers in anaheim, i believe, a similar amount in san diego, and they were able to get in front of the protesters by several blocks, so there was never that much space where the protester could take over the streets, in some cases in anaheim and san diego, some of the streets around the rally venue, were already shut down. in the case here, in front of the venue, there was one street shut down, but that's it. once the protesters left that area, there was traffic everywhere. it appears that at this point, off in the distance, i'm seeing a couple of officers on their
8:30 pm
motorcycles, maybe they have shut down now traffic to these areas. >> joining me now is julia from the san jose mercury news. julia, what are you seeing around you? >> reporter: well, it's pretty crazy here, especially for san jose which is not known for big protests. a lot of people are just saying trump needs to get out of the area, just a lot of innocent people being shoved and pushed and people running down trump protesters. i was looking at a video on my phone and somebody slapped it out of my hand. this is ridiculous. and then the police are -- >> julia, we're having a bit of a hard time hear you, i don't know if your phone was smacked out of your hand it's creating problems, because it keeps
8:31 pm
beeping and it's very difficult to hear you. i want to bring in jim cavanaugh, are you surprised how the police force and how we're not seeing a little more organization in their i guess protecting of not only the trump such supporters and people on the street. >> it looks like the fellow there walking next to the big guy in the striped shirt. people are still throwing stuff at him, if people think he's a trump supporter, the danger is if several people jump on them to beat him or assault him, is if the officers can get there. that is key, so i would like to see them move in a little more. they have got a force there, they are equipped and they have a strategy, we saw part of that, and this crowd overall is not extremely violent as we're looking, but there have been
8:32 pm
multiple assaults throughout the coverage here in the last 30, 45 minutes and that's what you want to prevent. >> seeing violent break out is not something that anyone wants to see whatsoever. but there are protesters out there and we'll continue to bring you the latest on all of this, all in with chris hastyes starts right now. it looks like another sign -- the director of hispanic communications at the republican national committee resigned and now her replacement comes to the job with anti trump tweets. first the outgoing head of media -- >> uncomfortable working for mr.
8:33 pm
trump, and just yesterday, the rnc announced it's new director of hispanic communications, as noted by media matters, bush during his campaign against trump. it's understandable she took sides in that cam tine. we should note her anti-trump campaigns did continue after bush dropped out of the race. tweets like these from may. will donald trump drive miami cuban-americans from gop? new poll says yes. and, hispanic republicans caught in 2016 meat grinder, trump faces stiff opposition from hispanic republicans. this one from april, how donald trump's squeeze on immigrants will backfire. that one linked to an op ed in the "new york times" by economics professor will olney, making the case trump's antagonistic approach to mexico would be bad for the economy. in accepting the new job with the republican party ferea did not mention trump saying "proud to be joining the rnc at such a
8:34 pm
critical time." she'll have her work cut out for her if after the republican autopsy after the 2012 presidential election suggests republicans must win an increased share of the the hispanic vote if they're going to have a chance of winning the presidency. but what if that weren't true? what if what that autopsy said the republican party had to do isn't actually what it has to do in 2016? what if donald trump could win the election this year by doing the opposite of what that autopsy prescribed? that's next. t drop me off right here. oh no, i'll take you up to the front of the school. that's where your friends are. seriously, it's, it's really fine. you don't want to be seen with your dad? no, it' this about a boy? dad! stop, please. oh, there's tracy. what! [ horn honking ] [ forward collision warning ] [ car braking ] bye dad! it brakes when you don't. forward collision warning and autonomous emergency braking. available on the redesigned passat.
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new alka-seltzer heartburn relief gummies. enjoy the relief. jack knocked over a candlestick, onto the shag carpeting... ...and his pants ignited into flames, causing him to stop, drop and roll. luckily jack recently had geico help him with renters insurance. because all his belongings went up in flames. jack got full replacement and now has new pants he ordered from banana republic. visit and see how affordable renters insurance can be. a lot's been said, a lot's been written about why republicans lost the 2012 presidential election and what it can take for them to win this time around are. the so-called republican autopsy report after that 2012 defeat, called the growth and opportunity project, it recommended that "on issues like immigration, the rnc needs to carefully craft a tone that
8:38 pm
takes into consideration the unique perspective of the hispanic community." presumptive republican presidential nominee donald trump doesn't appear to be adopting that kind of a tone. but a counter argument has been put out there. what if trump could increase the republican share of the vote among white voters? what if he could pull off a win even if he loses badly among people of color? joining me now, sean trende, senior elections analyst for "real clear politics." let me start by putting these numbers on the screen. this is 2012. if you break down the election, here's how the different groups voted. you can see among blacks, obama over 90%. hispanics, 71%. that's the number the rnc was thinking of when they put that autopsy together. the other number at the top of the screen, white voters, 59% romney. it looks like donald trump and his campaign are looking at these numbers and they're focusing on that one and saying, we can get that higher.
8:39 pm
>> that's the gamble. being undertaken. you have to remember nonhispanic whites are around probably 70% of the electorate. that's a lot of voters. in 2016. that's the game plan is to try to get that up from romney's 59% to 61%, 62%. if he does that, especially in the great lakes states, that's probably good enough for him to win. >> do you see evidence that's possible? i think a lot of people, and one of the thoughts behind that autopsy, was that 59% basically represented a ceiling. >> yeah, so the short-term thing to look at is 2014, republicans were around 62%. you say that's a midterm electorate, fine, that's an important distinction. if you look at the polling right now, if you take the people out who say they aren't going to vote, donald trump is already pushing up against those numbers. in fact, in the quinnipiac poll, abc/"washington post," it has
8:40 pm
him -- of the people who are going to vote, up at about 63%, 64% of the vote. no guarantee that sticks. could go higher. i wouldn't be surprised if it went lower. but there is some evidence it could happen. >> you mention 2014. so much attention how the electorates look different, have come to look different in presidential elections, midterm years. is that part of the formula trump's counting on? barack obama is off the ballot, maybe that nonwhite turnout isn't as high in 2016 as it was in 2012? >> absolutely. that's one of the big questions for elections analysis. are the midterm elections the outlier? or the presidential elections the outlier? that is, do we see the nonwhite share fall precipitously from 2004 to 2012 because of demographics? or is it the obama effect? combined with some white voters who decided to stay home? everyone has opinions on it but they aren't well grounded.
8:41 pm
we just have to kind of wait and see. >> also, big picture here about the future, i just kind of playing this out, it seems to suggest here, if donald trump could move this into the 60s among white voters, with the country getting so much more diverse, if the republican party has success doing that, does it suggest maybe the country is moving to this place where our politics are just basically defined by race, defined by ethnicity? >> you know, that's -- that's not something i'd want to see for the country. i would love for both parties to be more -- prodder in their outreach than this polarization we seem to see happening. but absolutely, if we do see donald trump push the white vote up into 62%, 63%, it suggests that as whites move towards minority status that they become more aware of their whiteness. it plays into politics. it's a disheartening and dangerous trend. it might be something we don't have any control over. >> all right, sean trende from
8:42 pm
"real clear politics," thanks for the time. still to come, new polling shows a tight matchup between bernie sanders and hillary clinton in that crucial california primary. why a sanders upset could have major implications before the convention. (avo) after 50 years of designing cars for crash survival, subaru has developed our most revolutionary feature yet. a car that can see trouble and stop itself to avoid it. when the insurance institute for highway safety tested front crash prevention nobody beat subaru models with eyesight. not toyota. not ford or any other brand. subaru eyesight. an extra set of eyes, every time you drive. [we know a thing or two because we've seen a thing or two. ♪ we are farmers. bum-pa-dum, bum-bum-bum-bum ♪
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while secretary clinton may be focusing today on donald trump, i think we have an excellent chance to win the primary here. if the turnout is high, i think
8:46 pm
we can win it in big numbers. >> bernie sanders in modesto, california. that press conference being held at the same time that hillary clinton was delivering that major speech down in staying where she went after donald trump on foreign policy. clinton was originally supposed to be in new jersey today. her campaign though canceled that event instead opting for a five-day campaign swing through california. perhaps the latest polls out there show why. a new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll of likely democratic voters in california shows a statistical tie, 2-point lead clinton over sanders. a second poll by the field research corporation out of california also shows a neck and neck race. clinton has a commanding lead when you talk about pledged delegates. combined with superdelegates it's likely she's going to hit the magic number on tuesday night with no one alone. first state is going to report tuesday, the polls closing hours before california.
8:47 pm
that could set up a scenario the clinton campaign may not be happy about. do they lock up the nomination then lose it losing america's biggest state? david, a theory on the importance of california. bernie sanders probably not going to be the democratic notny. but does the california outcome basically determine how he plays the time between california and the convention? >> it may give him a little more legs if he does win in california. a good size. if he's still behind. but at the same time, i think the fundamental calculus that he faces doesn't really change. she will be the leader in votes and delegates, pledged and superdelegates. his question really is, as she turns towards trump and as trump turns towards her, how much does he want to muck things up for
8:48 pm
her? how much of a fuss does he want to make at the convention over platform fights and rules fights and basically distract her and the party from the job at hand, donald trump? i'm thinking of "game of thrones." winter is coming. there's a zombie army coming down from the north. and do you want to play these "game of thrones" in the south amongst all the warring factions? or focus on the threat from the north which in this analogy would be donald trump. >> i guess the question then would come, if he wins california -- we're talking about a gigantic state, something like 1 of every 7 democratic voters in this primary process are going to come from california. put out there, all this concern we hear from clinton supporters about we've got to get ready for donald trump, if democratic voters in a state as massive as california look at that and still check off bernie sanders' name, aren't they saying they're not done with this yet? >> they're saying they prefer bernie sanders.
8:49 pm
a lot of democratic voters have said that. this is a close contest. but at the end of the day, there's a first place finisher and a second place finisher. no doubt bernie sanders and his supporters will have bragging rights coming out of california. but those are only bragging rights. you know the delegate math better probably than anyone, steve. at the end of the day, even if he wins, probably by a few points if that happens, and the split in delegates will still be pretty even. it won't change that math. he can say he won california. there are democrats who are still uneasy with hillary clinton. but i don't know what you do with that information. i won't sway superdelegates to his side. >> david corn, thank you for the time. donald trump's campaign tries to defend trump university, releasing a video with testimonials from past students. there is a problem with it though. i'll tell you what it is after this.
8:50 pm
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breaking news tonight, donald trump escalating his attacks on the judge who's presiding over one of the lawsuits against trump university. again alleging the judge is biased against him due to his ethnic background. in an interview with "the wall street journal," trump said u.s. district judge cureiel had a conflict given he was of mexican heritage and a member of the latino lawyers association. trump said the background of the
8:54 pm
judge, born in indiana to mexican immigrants, was relevant because of his campaign stance against illegal immigration and his pledge to steal the southern u.s. border. "i'm building a wall, it's an inherent conflict of interest," trump said. trump said today despite multiple lawsuits alleging fraud, trump university may start enrolling students again soon. trump tweeting, "after the litigation is disposed of and the case won, i've instructed my execs to open trump u, so much interest it in, i will be president." there is indeed a lot of interest in trump university. trump started the unaccredited for-profit venture in 2005. he promised its classes on real estate invest would go make students rich. >> at trump university, we teach success. that's what it's all about, success. it's going to happen to you. >> a group of former students and new york's democratic attorney general allege in lawsuits that trump university was essentially a scam, a
8:55 pm
fraudulent scheme in the words of a former employee deposed in a class action lawsuit, that preyed upon the elderly and uneducated to separate them from their money." that from the lawsuit. trump cited surveys showing many students were happy with the program. >> 98% of the people that took the courses, we have report cards from everybody. they report carded on the course. 98% of the people that took the courses, 98% approved the courses they thought they were terrific. >> yesterday trump's campaign rolled out a video showing three testimonials from what they bill as very satisfied trump university customers. the associated press though reports that two of the people featured "have business ties to the presumptive republican presidential nominee." some students tell "the daily beast" they were coerced into providing positive reviews. one of the positive reviews written by an ex-student ryan maddings, "trump university is
8:56 pm
some of the best money i have ever invested." he now tells "the daily beast" it was a lie. he says he racked up around $45,000 in credit card debt to buy trump university seminars and products, i fell for it, i was flying on cloud nine, i thought i'm going to be rich like trump, but it's a complete scam, it's a complete con." joining me is associated press reporter jeff horowitz, he's been covering this story extensively. let me start with it, when this subject comes up, we played it, the first thing donald trump says is, these are a few angry customers, the vast majority, positive reviews, overwhelmingly happy. you've got this guy who wrote one of those reviews trump's talking about, now he says, no, i save $35,000, $45,000 on my credit card, how do you square those two things? he writes a positive review, now he says he didn't mean it? >> the reviews, according to the plaintiffs in the case, were
8:57 pm
written kind of under the supervision of the instructors. they were also written at a point when people thought that they would still be getting a lot more out of the course. this is according to the plaintiffs. and one thing that kind of does sort of lean in the plaintiffs' direction on this is that the trump university staff basically had to refund at least one-quarter of the students' tuition based on refund requests from so many people. >> what have we learned so far? there have been court proceedings. what have we learned so far about exactly how trump university worked and exactly what donald trump's role was or wasn't in it? >> sure, so trump university and donald trump didn't really have that much to do with each other. in the sense that donald trump owned it. he gave the business the right to use his name, likeness. basically advertise for them. but he didn't have operational control. he didn't read the documents they were going to use for the core of the curriculum.
8:58 pm
he didn't hire the handpicked instructors, as they were billed. he doesn't really seem to have had much of a role in the operation of this thing. >> but now that's part of schneider man, the attorney general in new york, that's part of his case against trump, trump university, the idea that he didn't have much of a role but the materials promised that he would? is that what it is? >> yeah, i think the bigger point is that trump basically used his celebrity and sort of the promise of quick riches to basically draw in people and then sucker them into putting tens of thousands of dollars in credit card debt, racking that up for education that might be loosely described as very general at best. >> also we have that news tonight that "wall street journal" interview, donald trump going after that judge, saying conflict of interest. he's saying, basically saying the guy is mexican-american, i'm for building a wall on the mexican border, that represents a conflict.
8:59 pm
what is trump trying to do here? >> so donald trump is apparently in this stating that any person who is of mexican-american heritage has a conflict in dealing with anything involving him at this point. which seems a little combative even for donald trump. i think the bigger picture here is that donald trump is really trying very hard, and perhaps with some success, changing the topic. i think the same thing is true of his promise to reopen trump university. going through the documents that have been released, here's what i can tell you about trump university. one, they promised never to operate a business called "trump university" to new york state. that's in writing. two, the thing has no assets. three, it was shut down because it wasn't making any money. the idea that donald trump is on the cusp of sort of reopening this i think is probably -- could be described as trolling. and in the same way that i think making the issue with curiel is the same thing on a racial
9:00 pm
basis. >> jeff history owe withes from the associated press, thanks for the time, appreciate it. that's going to do it for "all in." "the rachel maddow show" starts right now. >> thanks for filling in for me earlier this week. thanks at home for staying with us this next hour. boy, a lot happened today. today we saw the death of the beltway media myth that there is any meaningful resistance whatsoever between donald trump and the republican party. paul ryan, speaker of the house, he did wait a few weeks after donald trump became the republican party's presumptive nominee. but that's it. he does not appear to have influenced donald trump to change in any way. by waiting a few weeks to endorse him. honestly, there was never any real indication that paul ryan would end up withholding his endorsement from donald trump. but now that he has given donald


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